ATTENTION USERS: Endura Certified Software Downloads has a new home!

The new location to download Endura Certified Software is located at To ensure that you continue to receive access to Endura Certified Software, please use the link below to register. When registering please be sure to register with the same email address attached to your Endura Certification. This step is necessary to provide you with immediate permission to Endura Certified Software.

Register Here:

How do I find Endura Certified Software on the new Download Center?

It's much simpler now. Just type in product name that you're looking for (i.e. NSM5200) and click on the desired download. If you have permission to the selected file the download will begin. If you're looking for a specific version you can type in the version as well.

How do I obtain Endura Certified access if I just completed the Endura PGTI Course?

We pre-load access to new users after they have obtained their certification. This is done by adding you to the certified group via the email address linked to your PGTI account. You will still need to register for the Download Center site via the link above.

How long will this site remain active?

We realize that getting into the habit of going to a new site can take some time - we're also still transferring a few files. For this reason we're going to leave this site active untill activity slows down. You can expect that by Q3 2014 this site will no longer be active.

What if my Download Center account is not allowing me to download Endura Certified Software from the new Download Center?

Please contact and be sure to include your full name and email address used to access the Download Center.